"if you never try you'll never know, just what you're worth"

One of my all time favorite songs is 'Fix You' by Coldplay. This song touches into the depth of human emotion in such a beautiful way, every time I hear it, I remember what a gift it is to be human and have the ability to feel as deeply as we do.

To love, to grieve, to contract so tightly in fear that when you do return to the expansion and freedom of your truth, it feels glorious.

In today's world it feels radical to feel deeply. To dive into the complexity, rawness and messiness of being human is avoided by most. Yet isn't that what the world seems to be craving?

To feel. To be alive.

This song always reminds me of this.

There is a particular line that challenges my soul each time I hear it. And it is extra pertinent, as we enter into an eclipse season that is asking us to embrace our evolution and allow the next version of ourselves to emerge.

The line is 'if you never try you'll never know, just what you're worth"

It causes me to look at where in my life I hold myself back from going for my dreams, where do I not even try.

And when I say try, I don't mean do more things (I'm really good at doing things), I mean believe. Believe I am capable and deserving. Believe my dreams aren't there to taunt me into believing I'm not yet good enough, they are there as a guiding light to point me in the direction of just how incredible my life is, and is meant to be.

Discomfort, frustration, impatience, those have all become indicators that my thoughts and beliefs aren't matching up with the truth of my dreams. I'm learning to let them guide me. To let them show me when I'm off path, so I can course correct.

And, I'm good letting it be as simple as that.

I feel good, I'm on track. I feel shitty, I need to redirect the focus of my thoughts.

For this month's online breathwork classes, the theme is going to be Emerging.

These breathing sessions will be an opportunity for you to identify where you might be holding back in believing in yourself. They will also be a place for you to dive into the depths of your own emotions, and appreciate how beautiful it is to have a beating heart that holds the richness of the full spectrum of human emotions.

Tonight at 9:00 pm EST is the first one of the month. And tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST, right around the new moon + solar eclipse, is the second one. So these meditations are going to be juiced with energy for new beginnings and forward movement. Register HEREor below.

As always, lots of love!

Eliza Rose Kane

Remember. Your dreams are badass. You are a badass.
But no one is going to believe it unless you believe it yourself.