The Beginning...

“I was disenchanted and turned off by the rat race of my life when breathwork entered my world.  It brought me back to a sense of purpose.  But more importantly, it introduced me to my creativity. 

 At first it was a bit awkward.  I was lying in a room full of people I didn’t know, doing an unfamiliar breathing technique.  My New Yorker mind was a bit cynical, but there was something inside of me yearning for more in life.  It pushed me to keep breathing.  Eventually I began to tingle and vibrate along with feeling some pressure in my chest.  I realized I was connecting to my own energy and the pressure was stuck energy.

This was a pivotal moment for me.  Despite having an intellectual understanding that I – along with everything else – am energy, there was a part of me that resisted the idea of ‘working with your energy.’

Having this kinesthetic experience shifted that resistance to fascination.  Emotions are simply energy that wants to move.  Suppressing emotions creates blocks in our energy.  If suppressed for too long, these blocks create disease and lack of well-being.

I wanted to know how something as simple as breathing can bring awareness and healing to my life.

At the end of that first session, it was as though my mind dropped off into an abyss, and the sense of relaxation I achieved was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

With breathwork, the intention is to go beyond the intellect and to bring more focus into the body.  Breathwork engages the nervous system to release tension and distress that negative thoughts and traumas cause in the body.  Over time, healthier new neural pathways are developed and the nervous system is recalibrated to bring optimal well-being.

Breathwork also heightens our senses to receive the more subtle energies of creativity.  Creativity sits beyond the logic of the mind.  The abyss I mentioned before is the void of creation.  The breathwork takes you there.”  The Purist Magazine Spring/Summer 2018 issue



I am a dreamer–my art is bringing these dreams to life and my body, once my nemesis, has become my most valuable gift.

A poet. A writer. A teacher of breathwork and creativity.  A healer.

Using breathwork meditation, movement and creative expression I help people reignite their life force.

Through addressing personal triggers, internal stories, suppressed emotions and whatever other inner demons might be blocking them from living a richer and more fulfilling life, I support people in coming back to their truth.

The work I share, while fun, will push your capacity for growth and take you to a new level of awareness.  

For just over a decade, I have trained with healer David Elliott, a pioneer in the breathwork/healing space and the creator of the 5 Levels of Healer Training. 

Raised in New York, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from James Madison University in Virginia, followed by a career for several years as a fitness and wellness expert.

I currently live in Aspen, Colorado where I am able to spend time in the nature I appreciate so much.  In my free time, you can find me enjoying the Rocky Mountains or spending time working on my first novel, a sci-fi fantasy romance.