It’s exhausting trying to figure it out....

I love information. I love learning. I love the mechanics of life, of being human.

This love has lead me down an incredible path of self-discovery and this love keeps me deeply engaged in life.

A challenge however, is that with all the information and all the studying on the way things work, I can get caught up in trying to figure it out, and I can also get caught in feeling like I am never doing enough. Sometimes I can even feel like I am doing it wrong, or I fear that I am going to mess up.

And man is that not fun.

It’s exhausting and at times it can be detrimental because that not enough voice can get loud pretty quickly!

The funny thing is that in all my figuring out, I can forget that my well-being, my success, connection, experience of love... all of that is my most natural state of being and I don’t need to figure it out in order to experience it.

It’s fun to know the why, but it’s not necessary.

It’s fun, because by studying the mechanics of life we get a glimpse into the brilliance of our existence. A brilliance that works despite us having cracked its code or not.

So, with the moon having just slipped into the mental energy of Gemini, appreciate your capacity to think and reason, and also know it’s safe not to know. Life is going to work out for you regardless. All you have to do is breathe.

Now when I say breathe, I’m not referring to the breathwork, but if you are interested in opportunities for breathwork, they are below.


Eliza Rose Kane

PS. The breathwork + binaural beats combo is designed to support those oh so active minds, so if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, it might be just what you need this month!