Change doesn't have to correlate to rushing.

Transition, change.

Labor Day, the prequel to fall, invariably ushers in change.

Change, however, does not have to correlate to rush.

And while fall in particular brings a robust movement of energy after the languid nature of summer, the movement doesn't mean we have to begin rushing and hurrying about.

If we allow the residual relaxation from summer to mix with the increased movement of fall, there is a beautifully sweet spot that allows for fall to feel enlivening without feeling overwhelming.

To support the shift in energy, the changing of the seasons brings, Transition will be the theme for September's online classes. And there will be an extra emphasis on connecting to the earth and allowing her energy to help keep us clear and present in the body!

Make sure to read the PS. It offers you a chance to experience the online classes complimentary.



PS. While summer holds the space for vacations and relaxation, it also holds a lot of heat, which can stir up discomfort and frustration. August's online classes worked with this energy and I'd like to gift you with a chance to experience one of these classes. So if you have been curious about what the online classes are like, I invite you to check out this past month's 45 min recording. If you are sitting on some anger you are ready to be free from, this one definitely holds the support for that.

August online class 1 -- RECORDING

Recording will be available until September 30th