Cleansing into Clarity.

I's spring, so everybody is talking about cleansing.  
And while I definitely often buck the current of what everybody else is doing, spring really is the best and most invigorating time to cleanse.

The type of cleanse I am talking about though, is probably pretty different then most cleanses you know about. 

It's an energetic cleanse that involves clearing lower vibrational energies (which I playfully call entities) from your body and mind. 

This clearing brings forward clarity and a refreshed life force.

In light of this, I'm offering an Entity RELEASE Special. 
Please find details below.


I have found breathwork to be one of the best ways to stay clear.  So even if you aren't up for an entity release session, I do encourage you to keep breathing and let that breath support you in your clarity.  Life feels good when we feel clear.



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Spring Energy Cleanse

Entity RELEASE Special


When we are overbooked, overwhelmed and a little tired, when we experience something traumatic, or when we are simply disconnected from our bodies, we are susceptible to lower energies that can take us out of alignment. 
Entities are parasitic in nature and therefore can be energy draining.  They often function through the mind and work themselves into a person’s way of thinking (most times without the person realizing the energy is not them).
Confusion and energy depletion are their calling cards.
Enter in the Entity RELEASE Special.  A process to understand, clear and embrace the lessons learned through encounters with lower vibrational energies and experiences. 
Using breathwork we will locate and clear negative thought forms and energies stuck in your unconscious.
With support from the building light of spring, we will shine extra light into the body and mind, cleansing away the murky and the dark and bringing forward clarity and vitality.
In support of this process and the new beginnings and life brought forward by spring, I am offering an April special.  Private sessions (done remotely) will be $100 for the entire month.  ($75 off the standard $175).
This is an opportunity for you to feel refreshed, lighter and more like yourself.  Hence theclarity.
I encourage you to set the time aside and do the work. It really can change your life. 
(It has for me!) 

To book, email me directly HERE .