Consistency supports integration...

We teach what we desire to learn. We create what we desire to experience. 

With Patreon, I have developed an online breathwork membership to create ease and accessibility in encouragement of people (myself included) bringing consistency to the practice.  The music + the binaural beats are all part of the encouragement to make breathwork more of a priority in people's lives.

Because there truly are about a million reasons why forming a closer relationship with your breath is beneficial!  However today I am just going to focus on one.

Consistency is the secret sauce to the breathwork.

If you really want change to happen in your life AND you really want to experience all that the breath has to offer you, incorporate more breathwork into your day to day life (even just the 10 min meditations will help).

Breathwork not only supports the firing of new synapses' in your brain (creating new thought patterns) it also supports the rewiring of your neural pathways (creating new patterns of action), which leads to you actually becoming all those words you speak about becoming (integration).

So for those that are already members on Patreon, I hope this inspires you to take more advantage of the membership, and for those looking to experience breathwork more regularly, come check out what this membership is all about!

On February 27th's Q + A, I'll be speaking about the importance of clearing fear from the nervous system.  Your first Q + A is complimentary, so invite a friend, and message me if you aren't yet a member and are interested in checking it out.

Looking forward to it all!

Lots of love,

Eliza Rose Kane