Happy almost Spring! Okay maybe not quite yet....

Happy almost spring!  Okay so maybe not quite yet, especially for you mountain folks!

However, the Spring Equinox is quickly approaching.  March 20th to be exact.  And in less then two weeks is daylight savings time, which while I don't look forward to getting up earlier, I do look forward to the extra day light and I know it will support and energize me.

With more light, often comes more movement.  Movement is definitely something our busy society is very used to.

I too, love movement and these last few weeks of consciously reminding myself to stay in the winter energy of slowing down and going inward, has not always been easy. (the last email shared more about that)

Because I love movement so much, as soon as I get the first inklings of spring, I'm ready to jump from the gate and set off into a full sprint.  For me, this inevitably leads to a crash and burn, because without a warm-up and easing in to a quicker rhythm, I find it not to be sustainable.

In light of this knowing, I often use the breathwork as a way to manage my energy along with helping me move larger amounts of energy without becoming overrun or overwhelmed by it.

The breath is designed to pull you down into your body.  When you are breathing deep into the body, you are present, alert and decisive.  You act with discernment instead of acting simply to act.

So put on some music you love and get your breathing on!

For March, all my breathwork offerings will be online.  The schedule is below.

Tonight is an open Q + A, where before I get to answering questions, I will be speaking on the topic of the importance of clearing fear from your nervous system.

It's complimentary and all login info can be found HERE


Eliza Rose Kane

PS.  If you are in the mountains, enjoy the sparkly snow!  I always love the way the snow displays the light.

online BREATHWORK + binaural beats

With this online membership, you can breathe from the comfort of home or from anywhere in the world!

(please note the time zone):

For Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4
Tuesday March 5th @ 7:00 pm MST / 9:00 pm EST 
-- online class 1 -- 
LIVE breathwork + binaural beats 
(~45 mins)

For Tiers 2, 3 and 4
Thursday March 7th @ 10:00 am MST / 12:00 pm EST 
-- online class 2 -- 
LIVE breathwork + binaural beats class 
(~30 mins)

For Tiers 3 and 4
Monday March 18th @ 7:00 pm MST / 9:00 pm EST
-- online class 3 -- 
LIVE breathwork + binaural beats 
(~45 mins)
For ALL Tiers
Tuesday March 26th @ 6:00 pm MST / 8:00 pm EST
-- Q + A --
How does the way you move connect to your style of manifestation? 
Newtonian Mechanics Vs Quantum Mechanics

(~1 hour)

(sessions will be recorded for you to listen to unlimited until the 30th of the FOLLOWING month, so no worries if you can't attend live)