Taking the breathwork further!

Breathwork goes way beyond the simple pranayama breathing technique that is used as a tool to connect us to the essence that is our soul.  Those having experienced the breathwork understand that it is a portal into so much more.

My teacher David Elliott has created a series of trainings to help us dive into the more while learning how to share the breathwork with others and connect to the healing abilities we have.  We are all healers, it is simply a matter of awareness.

These trainings are rich in information and experience as well as being a powerful community experience.  It is truly a gift to connect with these souls choosing to live with open hearts.

Hearler Training 1 starts up this August 8th-9th and will be lead by Nathaniel Shipp and Marlize Joubert, two truly extraordinary teachers and beings whom David has worked with closely to share this work.

HT 1 provides a vital foundation of understanding our energy, our intuition and how Spirit will always show up for us.  The classes don’t need to be taken in order, however it is a POWERFUL experience to move through the series of trainings in order and with the group.  Detailed information is HERE and please reach out with any questions.  (Payment plans can easily be worked out with the teachers.)

David will be back to lead HT 2 September 6th-7th.  This will no doubt be a special one and if your relationships (love, money, creativity, your body, etc) are crying out for awareness and deepening HT 2 holds lots of understandings and support in these areas.  Details HERE.

There is also an option to take a one-day Healer Training 1 Sept. 5th with Nathanial Shipp and ME!  A very fun segue into the HT 2 weekend.

Wednesday night breathwork at 730 pm will continue throughout August!  And lots of exciting changes are happening at The Quest to allow for more breathwork classes, updates to continue.

Much much love!


And Costa Rica is right around the corner for any fly by the seat of your pants people that want to still come!  Details