The Winds of Change

The mountains call and I have learned to listen to this call.  It is the same call that pulled me across the country to Los Angeles where anything is possible and the city is filled with angels.  

The community here for me is a community of angels.  A community that continually inspires me and keeps me focused on how much the power of love is building.  

So of course I will be back often!  And there will be many opportunities to come play with me in the mountains and other enticing places I'm being called to explore.  

LA has provided tools and resources that have helped me understand deeply who I am and what I am here to do.  With this solid foundation, I set off to share this in a mixture of sadness and excitement.  The sadness reminds me of how deeply I have connected to the people here and the ocean, the mountains, nature.  The excitement shows me it is time to spread my wings and let the winds of Spirit guide me into the unknown.

I look forward to the ever interweaving play of our lives and hearing about where the winds take you.  Stay connected and come visit!

My home base will be Aspen, CO and I will regularly be traveling down to Denver and Boulder. I would love to connect with people you know in that area so please share.  And make sure to sign-up for this specific blog as I will be discontinuing my other and all updates will be shared here.  Below are the details for my remaining time in LA and the Costa Rica retreat I am a part of mid-August.

Much love,

Eliza Rose

COSTA RICA!  Feeling the desire to add some more adventure to the summer, well here is a pretty awesome opportunity.  Check it out, sign up and come play!  August 16th-23rd.


Wednesday Evening Breathwork will continue through July. August will hold two evening classes, August 13th and 27th 


Monday Morning Breathwork and Creativity will continue through July, the last class being July 28th.




David Elliott's Healer Trainings begin up this August 9th-10th with HT 1!

Intuition. Healing.  Opening your heart.  This class is designed to connect your more deeply to your intuition and your energy.  Intuition sprinkles even more magic into your life. Knowing your energy brings clarity into your life.  This awareness definitely becomes a game changer.  The classes don't need to be taken in order, however I love going through the progression.  

Info here:

And for some pretty awesome reading, check out David's new book The Baptism.  He is regularly posting the story on his blog. It will for sure keep you entertained and might even open up some new perspectives and awareness!

Updates on CO opportunities coming soon!

Happy Summer!