With Breathwork Meditation…

Relax your nervous system. Alkalize your body. Regulate your hormones.

Give your mind a much needed rest.

Alleviate depression. Calm anxiety.

Activate creativity, vitality, passion and love.

Discover purpose, meaning and just how cool you actually are!

This work is perfect for you if you are craving a deeper experience of relaxation, vitality and a higher caliber of well-being AND/OR you are craving an experience beyond the day-to-day rat race, because there is a voice within that keeps asking....there has to be more? Not more stuff or information, but more meaning, connection, and purpose.

Ways to Experience Breathwork:

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Just launched!

An online course to support you with:




I’m excited to have teamed up with Healthy Life Project and @brandmakermedia to create this course! 

This course summarizes some of my best teaching content and even gives some footage on my personal backstory with breathwork.  I can’t wait for you to experience it! Purchase the course for access anytime.

Info and booking…

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Ease + Accessibility

Experience the breathwork + binaural beats from the comfort of your own home

(or anywhere in the world!)

Designed for you to develop consistency and discipline around your practice.

These meditations utilize breathwork to relax the nervous system and binaural beats to balance the brain; the combo creating a whole new type of experience. For more info go HERE. To sign-up go HERE.


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