My Hike With Creativity


My Hike With Creativity

My relationship with creativity often mimics my relationship to hiking a mountain.

Sometimes I charge full on and exhaust myself before I make it to the top.

Sometimes a slow and steady pace is just what I need.

Sometimes I start with dread, need to rest along the way, or don’t even finish at all.

And other times I am so charged with energy and enthusiasm that I wish there were a second or third peak I could climb.  If it were Everest before me, I would laugh with excitement.

As with the mountain, so it is with creativity.

Always there. 

Providing a platform for me to decide how I want to engage that day. 

Offering me a variety of terrain.

Calling out to me to come play.

Reserving judgment for the way I show up that day.

Inspiring my life experience to be more.

Every hike is different.

Every day with creativity is different.

No matter what kind of hike I end up taking, I never regret showing up and putting one foot in front of the other.