Simple. And. Profound.

The breath holds unprecedented power in healing all areas of your life.

As an active meditation, breathwork is particularly helpful for the very active minds of today.  The breathing meditation allows for deep relaxation, mental and physical rejuvenation, and the opening of the heart center.  When the brain has a chance to slow down, clarity and alertness follow and space opens for the invention of new possibilities.

With breathwork, the intention is to go beyond the intellect and to bring more focus into the body.  Breathwork engages the nervous system to release tension and distress that negative thoughts and traumas cause in the body.  Over time, healthier new neural pathways are developed and the nervous system is recalibrated to bring optimal well-being.


Binaural beats are sound waves that send different frequencies to the right and left ear and the variance in frequencies creates healing effects on the mind, relaxation and balancing being at the forefront.

The use of binaural beats for healing is not new, however the unique way I’ve learned to layer the beats under contemporary music is most definitely new and very special.

Music and the way I weave the music together has always been a trademark in my classes and private sessions and now with the addition of the binaural beats these playlists have become even more impactful.


In creativity one finds purpose, one finds play. 

The creative path teaches you to believe in yourself and your ability to find freedom.

Lining up with the creative path is a choice.  A choice that changes who you are. Your path becomes steeper and in turn life becomes more exciting. You are called to face all parts of yourself.

No, it is not the easy path….


As you move in your body, you move into your power. Presence in your body brings clarity, alertness, decisiveness and capability; the power to make your dreams come true.