Individual private breathwork healing session:

Breathwork healing sessions are designed to help you address personal triggers, internal stories, suppressed emotions and whatever other shenanigans might be blocking you from living a richer and more fulfilling life.

The sessions begin with a 15-20 minute check-in, which segues into a guided breathwork experience.  The intention of these sessions are to bring clarity and receptivity to your own inner awareness and truth.  

Sessions take place virtually via Zoom. Select in-person sessions are available in the Westchester and Fairfield County areas.

Each private session is 75 minutes.  Exchange is $175.  

Couple sessions for healing relationships; romantic, parent child, sibling, friendship..., are also available for $200.

For questions or to schedule a session book HERE.


A commitment to consistency creates results.  If you are ready to dive in and really do the work, I offer a special 5 pack series of private sessions for $750 ($125 savings). Sessions must be used up within 6 months of purchase.

Or a 10 pack series of private sessions for $1,500 ($250 savings).  Sessions must be used up within a year.  

For questions or to schedule a session please book HERE.

Private Groups:

Private group sessions are great for families, groups of friends, and small businesses.  Breathing together helps bring awareness and synergy into the group dynamic while the shared energy uplifts the group.

Group sessions are currently available in New York and the surrounding area. 

Group sessions vary in length dependent on group size.  Exchange is $40 per person, minimum of 4 people.  Large group rates are available.  

For questions or to schedule a session please contact Eliza

Workshops + Special Events descriptions:

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BREATHWORK + binaural beats

breathwork relaxes the nervous system

binaural beats balance the brain

the combo creates a whole new type of experience

In conjunction with the breathwork, wireless headphones are used to bring in the additional healing component of binaural beats. In the briefest of terms, binaural beats are sound waves that send different frequencies to the right and left ear and the variance in frequencies creates healing effects on the mind, relaxation and balancing being at the forefront.

In this workshop I guide you through a breathwork meditation session while I weave the binaural beats underneath contemporary music, creating a one of a kind type of playlist and experience.

breathwork for clarity

Clear. Alert. Decisive.

a breathwork workshop

With the help of the breath, clarify what's yours, become present and alert in your body and claim the life you are ready to live.  Using an ancient pranayama practice, in this workshop you will dive into a deeper awareness of the body you inhabit and it's ability to support you in bringing to life your dreams.  The breath will be the tool used to clear away stagnate energy and old patterning, in order to create space for a new experience of your life.  The intention of the workshop is to enliven and empower.  Please bring a notebook and wear comfortable clothing.


Breathe.  Write.  Express.

Creativity isn’t only for the select deemed creatives.  Creativity is a relationship that can be created, developed, heightened.

Breathwork is an active mediation that slows the busy mind and connects us to our heart, the seat of inspiration.  When the brain has a chance to reboot, clarity, alertness and presence result.  From this space new possibilities come forward and creativity is enhanced.

The first portion of the workshop will be the breathwork.  After clearing tension, fears and any other shenanigans holding you back from your creative pursuits, there will be a chance to write and then express. Expression is optional.

Throughout the workshop, the relationship with creativity will be discussed along with ways to deepen your relationship with creativity and your creative expression.

This workshop is for the novice or the pro and is great for any type of creators; writers, songwriters, entrepreneurs, artists, designers…

No experience is needed.  Environment is supportive and playful.

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an intuition workshop

Simple. And. Profound. The breath holds unprecedented power in healing all areas of your life.

As an active meditation, breathwork is particularly helpful for the very active minds of today. The breathing meditation allows for deep relaxation, mental and physical rejuvenation, and the opening of the heart center. When the brain has a chance to slow down, clarity and alertness follow and space opens for the invention of new possibilities.

In this workshop you will learn a specific breathing pattern that will help you deepen your relationship to the breath, along with helping you clear your mind and body of stuck energy. You will also learn how to develop a connection to your intuition and your own healing abilities.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal or notebook.

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a breathwork + movement workshop

From the entrepreneur to the writer, singer, dancer, painter, actor; this class is for anyone seeking to enhance creativity in their life.

Utilizing the cleansing power of the breath to release tension and blocked emotions, the body and the heart opens into an expansive and deeply relaxed state. In this place new ways of thinking, new ideas and new visions come forward.

Transitioning from the breathwork into movement and dance, the focus becomes integration of this new knowledge into the body. As you move in your body, you move into your power. Presence in your body brings clarity, alertness, decisiveness and capability; the power to make your dreams come true.

This class is designed to engage in the art of being creative.  Opening to new possibility and anchoring the new into our reality.

The breathwork and movement are guided with plenty of space for freedom to express and explore on one’s own. The movement and dance are not choreographed, the intention being for each individual to use the guidance of their body to move and play.

All levels welcome.  No experience with breathwork or dance needed; the environment is supportive and playful.