The Challenge.

disillusioned.  what's the point?  everybody is trying to make a difference, do i even matter?

information overload. i'm never doing enough. i can’t handle this world. craving more. disenchantment.

healing and being healthy is a full time job.

The Work.

know yourself. trust yourself.

connecting. to the source of creation. trusting this source.

The Practice.

developing your intuition. cultivating self-love. hearing your truth. owning your power. claiming your right to be here.

The Tools.

breathwork. binaural beats. creativity. movement.

The Outcome.

clarity. peace. security. safety. belonging. you are comfortable in your own skin.





Work with me.

Private individual and group sessions available

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The Secret Sauce. CONSISTENCY.

Designed for you to develop consistency and discipline around your practice.

online BREATHWORK + binaural beats membership

Experience the breathwork + binaural beats from the comfort of your own home

(or anywhere in the world!)

Membership includes:

2 monthly LIVE online breathwork + binaural beats classes

(one 45 mins and one 30 mins )

+ recordings to listen to unlimited until the 30th of the FOLLOWING month, so it’s no biggie if you can’t attend live.

+ 15 min recording for those times when you are in a pinch

+ Access to a monthly Q + A


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